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Actisense NMEA 2000 Trunk / Drop Cable - 2m

Actisense NMEA 2000 Trunk / Drop Cable - 2m


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Actisense Lite cable assemblies allow quick installation and come with a quality reassurance as only the Actisense UL certified cable is used.

NMEA 2000 cable includes five wires within a single waterproof cable: power and ground wires two signal (data) wires and a drain wire. The drain wire connects to the cable shield which protects the signal power and ground wires from external Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and helps reduce RFI emission from the cable.

NMEA 2000 Lite cable can be used to create a backbone up to 100 metres in length. If the backbone length required exceeds 100 metres the centre of the bus can be extended with NMEA 2000 mini cable to keep the outer Lite sections to the 100-metre maximum.

The maximum length of a drop cable (distance from the backbone) is 6 metres. It is important to limit each drop length to the minimum required as the total of all drop lengths must not exceed 72 metres.

The Actisense range of NMEA 2000 connectors and cables has been designed using their specialist interconnect and NMEA knowledge.

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