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Airmar DST810 Depth/Speed/Temp Thru Hull Transducer

Airmar DST810 Depth/Speed/Temp Thru Hull Transducer


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  • NEW – 5 Hz speed output (5X per second) for visibly smoother speed-through-water reporting and faster data for better decision making
  • NEW – Integrated attitude sensor for heel and trim benefits sailing and power boats
    • Simple attitude calibration to correct for off-center mounting
  • NEW – Wireless connectivity to Airmar\'s CAST App has new user-friendly benefits:
    • Calibrate the DST810 in a simple intuitive way regardless of the instrument brand or model that is on board
    • Conduct basic and advanced heel-compensated speed calibrations for improved speed-through-water outputs across the speed range
    • Advanced Speed Calibration allows for manual speed entries for multiple heel angles and up to 10 speeds formerly only possible through expensive PC software
    • Enable and disable PGN’s and set offset and output rates

This plastic thru-hull NMEA 2000® smart transducer combines precise depth speed and temperature signals with attitude sensing for heel/trim and pitch/roll data. It can read depths to 330’ and offers fast 5 Hz water speed signal output for smoother visualisation on compatible chartplotters or other displays. Wireless Bluetooth® connectivity makes it easy to manage calibration of sensor data through the Airmar Cast app interface. And the 235 kHz sensor operating frequency helps prevent mutual interference with other echosounder devices on the vessel. The transducer’s wide fan-shaped beamwidth of 10 x 44 degrees enables it to find bottom even when installed on steep deadrise hulls or heeling sailboats.

Besides water temperature depth and newly upgraded 5 Hz (5X per second) speed-through-water output the DST810 features an integrated attitude sensor for heel and trim data. This information combined with Airmar’s powerful and simple CAST App makes heel-compensated speed calibration across multiple heel angles and speed ranges both fast and intuitive and is independent of the onboard instruments.

All speed calibrations and NMEA configurations are stored in the DST810 sensor—not in the displays.

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