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Chub Sat-A-Lite 250 Rechargeable headtorch - 230 Lumen

Chub Sat-A-Lite 250 Rechargeable headtorch - 230 Lumen


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  • A high-performance headlight with multiple options
  • New head strap for increased comfort
  • Powered by Cree XPG LEDs
  • Red and white colour options
  • Rechargeable 2800 mAH battery charged with floodlight cover
  • Up to 100hrs burn time on lowest setting
  • 3 x brightness settings up to 230 lumens
  • Supplied with USB charging cable
  • Splash-proof
  • SOS Morse code signal option
  • Weight: 140g

The Chub SAT-A-LITE Headtorch 250 weighs only 140g and uses three AAA batteries which you can choose to be rechargeable if dealing with a boatload of spent batteries isn’t your thing. It can also shrug off the occasional splash of water so all taken together this headtorch is great for carp coarse or any angling discipline which finds you chasing fish in less than optimum light conditions.

The light itself uses Cree XPG LEDs a highly efficient option from a world leader in LED development. At their brightest these LEDs pump out an impressive 230 lumens and this can be stepped down with two lesser settings to reduce the amount of light you spill when close to your swim. For a much stealthier option a little red screen can be pulled over the front of the torch to produce a red light that is less disturbing for fish. The use of this little screen means you’re getting as much power as possible from the white LEDs instead of switching to separate red LEDs which tend to have much less output capability.

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