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Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht IKommunicate NMEA 0183/2000 to Signal K Gateway

Digital Yacht IKommunicate NMEA 0183/2000 to Signal K Gateway


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  • The World’s first NMEA to Signal K Gateway
  • 12/24v DC Powered
  • NMEA2000 Certified Gateway with Integral NMEA2000 drop cable
  • Three Opto Isolated NMEA0183 Inputs and two Differential NMEA0183 Outputs
  • Supports Signal K Version 1 Http REST API and Delta Messages via Web sockets
  • Comes pre-installed with two Signal K Web Apps iKompass and Instrument Panel
  • Internal 8GB micro SD Card for hosting Web Pages and Apps
  • Also provides wireless NMEA over TCP and UDP protocols
  • Network Discovery via Bonjour (mDNS) and Windows SDDP
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet (10/100Mb) network connection
  • Easy setup with built-in Web Interface
  • Easy to install black box solution

iKommunicate is an intelligent NMEA gateway device so that traditional boat navigation systems can be part of the “Internet of Things”. By converting data from the “closed” industry standard NMEA networks found on most boats to Signal K the new “open” HTML5 based internet ready data format a whole new world of social and connected boating will now be possible.

Traditionally marine electronic systems talked to each other via the industry standard NMEA0183 and newer NMEA2000 networks. There interfaces are very reliable well proven and fit for purpose. However the costs for developers to become NMEA members buy the specifications and have their software certified has severely restricted the number of marine applications that have used NMEA data. With the release of Signal K a new open data format for boats all of this is about to change. Consequently this will make it very easy for developers to read and use the NMEA data. iKommunicate is driving this change as the first NMEA to Signal K gateway product that will connect to the NMEA networks and convert all of the data in to the new Signal K format.

iKommunicate features three opto-isolated NMEA0183 Inputs two differential NMEA0183 Outputs and an NMEA2000 Network interface. As a result iKommunicate can handle whatever NMEA data is thrown at it. Its 120MHz Atmel processor efficiently converts the NMEA data in to Signal K JSON data. This is the standard for the latest generation of HTML5 websites and apps which is then output via HTTP or multiple high speed Web Sockets.

iKommunicate’s Ethernet (RJ45) connection allows it to be connected to the boats wired/wireless network. Hence any mobile device connected to the network can display the Signal K data in its browser or compatible app. Pre-installed in iKommunicate are a couple of web apps (including the popular Instrument Panel). Therefore you can immediately start displaying NMEA data from your network. It also features an 8GB micro SD card that can host any new Signal K web apps as they become available.

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