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Echomax Active X Radar Target Enhancer - Antenna Only

Echomax Active X Radar Target Enhancer - Antenna Only


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The Echomax Active-X-Band Radar Target Enhancer (RTE) is designed to respond to interrogating X band radar (9.3 – 9.5GHz) by receiving a transmitted pulse and amplifying the pulse and re-transmitting the pulse back to the radar at the same frequency with minimum delay thereby improving the radar detection range and visibility of small targets. It will not enhance significantly vessels with large radar cross section.

The RTE is primarily intended for small vessels with no radar fitted and typically should enhance the RCS (radar cross section) of vessels up to 25m in length. For small craft/rigid inflatables improvements will start to be seen at around 1-2 miles extending to 8-10 miles or more depending on prevailing conditions. The response of the RTE will vary according to range RTE and radar height above sea level radar power and condition. Poor weather sea state and precipitation will greatly reduce the response.

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