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Furuno SC 33 Satellite Compass

Furuno SC 33 Satellite Compass


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Employing a two-antenna system with a 3-axis gyro and acceleration sensors the SC33 enables high-speed response capability. Advanced digital signal processing techniques compute accurate heading based on sensor data. NMEA2000 interface is standard for simple installation while the optional interface unit IF-NMEASC is available for conventional NMEA0183 AD10 and contact closure.

A new GNSS antenna and advanced parallel signal processing allows the SC33 to achieve more precise Pitch Roll and Heading measurement than conventional models providing enhanced performance for all of your connected equipment. Its Micro-C pigtail NMEA2000 cable provides flexibility to run cables in challenging areas.


Revolutionary 2-antenna and rate sensor system

In order to calculate roll & pitch data a satellite compass requires two vectors. The SC33 employs a dual GNSS antenna system that calculates a single vector while a 3-axis rate gyro and acceleration sensors add the 2nd vector. This configuration enables the SC33 to calculate highly accurate roll and pitch data without using a third sensor.

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