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Fusion WS-DK150B ActiveSafe for StereoActive - Blue

Fusion WS-DK150B ActiveSafe for StereoActive - Blue


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Ever wondered what to do with your phone and keys while you explore the coast on your stand up paddle board? Why take unnecessary risks with your valuables on the water when you can store them inside the ACTIVESAFE.

Engineered to fit perfectly onto any FUSION Puck mounting solution the ACTIVESAFE is a completely watertight and IPx7 rated water resistant storage case that FLOATS!.

Once pucked to your board kayak or dinghy/tinny/jon boat the STEREOACTIVE will puck on top giving you a tidy stereo and storage combo. Just like the STEREOACTIVE the ACTIVESAFE is designed to float in the unlikely event that it is detached from the Puck mount. Large enough to store the iPhone 6s Plus car keys your bank cards and loose change. The ACTIVESAFE will float with your valuables inside whether used separately or attached to the STEREOACTIVE.

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