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Fusion MS-ERX400 Apollo Wired Remote Control with Ethernet

Fusion MS-ERX400 Apollo Wired Remote Control with Ethernet


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Featuring Fusion’s most intuitive user experience yet the ERX400 wired remote with ethernet connectivity allows users to add full control of their audio entertainment to any zone on board and across multiple Apollo Series stereos. It has a 2.7” brilliant optically bonded full-color LCD display with an ultra-compact modern form factor that can either be mounted with a conventional flush finish or integrated into the helm with a premium flat finish. Installation is quick and easy for the ERX400 and with a shallow mounting depth of just 49mm it’s ideal for thin wall cavities where mounting depth is limited.

The new user experience on the ERX400 allows for easy navigation and control of the entire vessel’s Apollo Series stereo network making audio and source control in any zone a seamless experience. Users can enjoy synchronized audio playback of one audio source across all Apollo Series stereos connected to the same network with individual and multiple volume control for each stereo. The ERX400 can also be used to turn on or off any Apollo Series stereo or remote connected on the network.

Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment the ERX400 meets international IPX6 and IPX7 weather resistance ratings from the front and back. It’s compatible with the full Apollo Series including the new WB670 and the RA770 RA670 and SRX400 stereos.

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