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Garmin GC14 Marine Camera

Garmin GC14 Marine Camera


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  • Provides an extra set of eyes aboard the vessel to monitor areas above or below decks
  • Analog camera delivers excellent quality images even in low light; perfect for engine rooms
  • Provides visibility in low light up to 15 metres; an improvement over previous generation analogue cameras
  • Reverse-image setting on compatible chartplotters helps when backing out of tight locations such as a crowded marina
  • Rotate images on compatible chartplotters 90/180/270 degrees so you can mount in any orientation

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 155.5 x 333.6 x 76.2 mm
Weight 0.81Kg
Cable length 0.6 m
Temperature range -15°C - 70°C
Case material Glue sealed high-impact plastic alloy
Waterproof Rating IPX7
Compass-safe distance 0 cm
Power source input 9-16 Vdc
Input current 180 mA at 12 Vdc
NMEA 2000 Load Equivalency Number (LEN): 6 (300 mA max)
Position accuracy < 1 metre CEP < 3 metres 95%
Heading accuracy 2° RMS
Heave accuracy 8 cm RMS

See more of what’s happening on or around your boat with our GC 14 marine camera. With GC 14 on your vessel you’ll be able to monitor areas inside and outside while you\'re on the water or while you’re docked.

Keep an eye on everything

This small and discreet analogue camera delivers excellent quality images that can be viewed via onboard TVs video monitors or compatible chartplotters that support video input. Use it in multiple areas above or below decks and view on one chartplotter or across multiple networked compatible chartplotters.

Place it almost anywhere

GC 14 features a convenient reverse-image setting to help back out of tight locations such as a crowded marina. It even provides clear images in low light making it perfect for monitoring dark engine rooms. Easy to install its small size and rugged weatherproof case allow for flexible placement.

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