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Hertz 180W HMP 1D Mono Marine IP64 Amplifier - 12V

Hertz 180W HMP 1D Mono Marine IP64 Amplifier - 12V


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  • IP Protection: IP64
  • Supply Voltage: 11 - 15VDC
  • Fuse: 1 x 15A
  • Idle Power (on/off): 1A / 0.04mA
  • Max Power Consumption: 15A
  • Size: 223 x 100 x 44mm (8.77 x 3.95 x 1.7\")
  • RMS Output Power: 180W (at 4Ω)

Thanks to the ultra-compact cast-aluminium chassis (IP64 rated) the HMP 1D amplifiers is nature-proof being the ideal choice for marine installations. It features an incredible power/size ratio and an easy setup thanks to the integrated crossover filter. The Front End section features a complete and bypassable crossover system providing full system design flexibility with or without external processors offering the user endless connection possibilities with any source.

Inputs feature a special balanced circuitry ensuring high rejection against electro-magnetic interferences for noise-free results. The level of HMP 1 D amplifiers can be remote controlled with the included HRC BM (Hertz Remote Control Bass Management). Connected to the Remote Control plug this provides extremely precise volume level from the comfort of your seat.

Water Jet Tested

The protection grade IP64 define all the Hertz Marine products as totally protected against water jets of different entities making them highly performant in the marine environment.

Corrosion Protection

Electronics components corrosion caused by exposure in wet environments is totally neutralized by the use of dedicated marine grade (epoxy coated) PCB boards.

Salt Fog Tested

To satisfy the standards required by ASTM-B117 Hertz Marine products are tested with massive salt fog spray to ensure a complete resistance to corrosion typical of this atmospheric agent.

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