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Icom MA-510TR Class B AIS Transponder & GPS Antenna

Icom MA-510TR Class B AIS Transponder & GPS Antenna


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  • Standalone AIS Transponder
  • 4.3-inch-Wide Viewing Angle Colour TFT Display
  • AIS Target List and Details
  • Simplified Navigation Function
  • Navigation to MOB Waypoint
  • Individual DSC Call
  • Collision Alarm Function
  • Silent Mode for Security and Privacy
  • NMEA 2000 & NMEA 0183 Connectivity

Standalone AIS Transponder
The MA-510TR is a compact standalone AIS transponder that can be installed in a convenient place near the chart table in the wheelhouse on the fly bridge or on a pedestal in the cockpit and would make an invaluable safety addition to small vessels workboats or pleasure craft. The MA-510TR automatically receives information broadcast by other AIS-equipped vessel’s and base stations all while your own vessel’s static and dynamic information is being transmitted. AIS signals may reach where radar cannot showing AISequipped vessels that might otherwise be hidden such as on the other side of an island or behind a larger vessel. The MA-510TR increases your safety at sea.

4.3-inch-Wide Viewing Angle Colour TFT Display
The wide viewing high-resolution 4.3-inch colour TFT display clearly shows your and other vessels’ positions. Dangerous vessels are shown in red and ships registered as your friends are shown in yellow. The day-mode display is readable in direct sunlight and the night-mode display ensures good readability in the dark for further convenience.

AIS Target List and Details
The ‘Target’ list screen shows all detected AIS equipped vessels and targets. The ‘Danger’ list screen shows a list of vessels that are within six nautical miles of Closest Point of Approach (CPA) and sixty minutes of Time to Closest Point of Approach (TCPA) from your vessel. The ‘Friend’ list screen displays the detected AIS targets that you set as friends. When you want to see target details select the target with the cursor keys and push the [ENT] key.

Simplified Navigation Function
The Navigation function guides you to a specified waypoint or AIS target. You can assign a maximum of 100 favourite locations or points of interest. The Navigation function is simply started by just selecting a waypoint or an AIS target on the display.
The MA-510TR features a ‘Target Filtering Function’ so if you have too many targets on screen you can find your desired target point by temporarily filtering out categories such as waypoints and friends.

Navigation to MOB Waypoint
The MA-510TR can assist you in finding a person who has fallen overboard. When the MOB button is pressed the GPS automatically marks a waypoint at the current location allowing you to navigate to that MOB waypoint.

Individual DSC Call
You can transmit an individual DSC Call by merely selecting an AIS target and the voice channel on the MA510TR*.
* A compatible Icom VHF radio (IC-M605EURO IC-M506/GE IC-M424G/E IC-M400BB/BBE or IC-M330GE is required.)

Collision Alarm Function
When vessels come into the CPA or TCPA range the vessel\'s icon blinks and a warning sound is emitted on the plotter display (when connected to external audio equipment).

Silent Mode for Security and Privacy
Silent mode switches off the AIS transmitter for security and privacy. This function is useful when you do not want to reveal your fishing spots to other vessels. You can receive other vessel’s AIS reports while the silent mode is ON.

NMEA 2000 & NMEA 0183 Connectivity
With the plug-and-play functionality of NMEA 2000™ the MA-510TR can connect to a NMEA 2000 network (an external plotter marine radar and VHF radio). Using NMEA 0183/-HS connectivity the transponder can connect to a transceiver plotter device marine radar or GPS receiver.

USB Connectivity
AIS data can be output from a USB cable connector on the rear panel*.
* A third-party application and connection cable are required.

Supplied GPS Antenna
A 66-channel parallel GPS receiver with SBAS function is supplied as standard with the MA-510TR.

Other Features

  • Compatible with both 12 V and 24 V power sources
  • Multi-lingual user interface (English French Indonesian Spanish and Vietnamese)
  • Anchor watch function sounds an alarm when your vessel is drifting when anchored.
  • IPX7 waterproof protection (up to 1 m depth of water for 30 minutes; except connectors)
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