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Maretron NMEA 2000 Network Bus Extender

Maretron NMEA 2000 Network Bus Extender


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Maretron’s NBE100 (Network Bus Extender) allows you to extend the maximum node count network trunk length and cumulative device’s drop lengths of any NMEA 2000® network. The NBE100 solves bus errors and other electrical issues caused by exceeding any of these limitations and makes design of large networks easier.

NMEA 2000® networks have a maximum of 50 nodes allowed on a single network a maximum network trunk length of 200m and a maximum cumulative device’s drop lengths of 78m. If you have a network that exceeds any of these specifications you can simply extend the network trunk by inserting the NBE100 along with additional termination resistors and powertaps. This will split the network into multiple electrical segments each of which can have up to 50 nodes these segments allow increase of nodes on the logical network. The NBE100 will transparently route NMEA 2000® messages between the multiple network segments making them work as a single logical NMEA 2000® network. Advanced priority-based message routing ensures that higher-priority messages are always prioritized over lower-priority messages enabling predictable and reliable network operation.

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