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NASA BT3 Bluetooth Navtex comes with H Vector Antenna

NASA BT3 Bluetooth Navtex comes with H Vector Antenna


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The new bluetooth Navtex is a dual frequency Navtex receiver that decodes and stores Navtex messages for viewing on an Android bluetooth enabled mobile phone or tablet. The unit is designed to be run continuously and have the stored messages downloaded as and when required by the user. An android app enables the user to search the stored messages or to program the device to display only wanted message types from selected stations.

The internal memory stores in excess of four hundred typical Navtex messages with new messages overwriting the oldest. The receiver can be supplied with a standard E-vector antenna or for more challenging conditions an H-vector antenna is also available. The antenna can be mounted on a rail and is connected to the receiver using the seven metre cable provided. A fused power cable is also supplied to connect the receiver to a permanent 12 volt power source.

The android app can be freely downloaded from the google play store for Apple users an optional IOS app will be available from a third party supplier.

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