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NASA Easy Navtex comes with H Vector Antenna

NASA Easy Navtex comes with H Vector Antenna


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  • Big bold characters
  • High contrast display with white backlight
  • Simple easy set-up menus
  • Low power consumption & power saver mode on the backlight
  • Programmable automatic channel switching between 518Khz & 490Khz
  • Built-in spectrum analyser shows the signal in real time whilst receiving messages
  • Size: L150 x H112 x D42mm
  • Supply Voltage: 12V
  • Consumption 50mA (100mA with backlight
  • Includeds H Vector antenna

Nasa Easy Navtex - With big bold characters for easy viewing and intuitive message formatting this Navtex unit is very simple & easy to use.

Easy to read this new navtex receiver features big bold characters and intuitive message formatting. Simple menus let you select which stations and which message categories you want to receive. Its low power consumption and power saver mode on the backlight ensure minimum current drain.

Programmable automatic switching between the 518Khz and 490Khz channels. No more getting up early to switch channels. The built in spectrum analyser shows the signal in real time whilst you are receiving messages. Easy Navtex is designed for panel mounting and is supplied with antenna power cable and dust cover.

H Vector Navtex Antenna

Conventional navtex antennas respond to the electrical component associated with the navtex radio signal. They usually perform well at sea where electrical interference is low but can sometimes be overwhelmed with interference especially when in harbour and connected to shore power.

In most small craft the electrical system acts as an effective ground for the antenna but it can also be a source of interference conducted from other electrical equipment on board. Electrical interference can result in poor reception especially in a marina where the ambient level is high or at sea when poorly suppressed electrical equipment is in use.

The omnidirectional H-Vector antenna is not sensitive to electric fields but to the magnetic component of the navtex signal. As a result it is less sensitive to locally generated interference and as it does not need a ground it is not affected by conducted ground interference whether in harbour or at sea.

The net result is that under adverse conditions the H-Vector antenna can deliver a significant improvement to navtex reception. The mushroom shaped antenna is compatible with the Clipper navtex series 2 Target navtex and with the navtex engine. It can be mounted on a cabin roof or rail mounted using an appropriate threaded antenna base.

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