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Oxford Solariser

Oxford Solariser


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  • Maintains healthy 12V batteries
  • Trickle-charge current between 10mA - 100mA
  • Flashing LED indicates charging
  • No mains power required
  • LED light shows battery will charge with available light
  • Wide operating temperature range (-20C - 70C)
  • Three connection options all weather proof
  • Weather resistant

The Oxford Solariser is a solar battery charger for maintaining 12Volt Automotive batteries all year round. Amorphous solar technology can produce output in most lighting conditions. There is no need for direct sunlight as the charger will operate using just daylight. It is ideal for vehicles left outside or in remote lock-ups where the Solariser can be left outside or attached to a window or garage roof perfect for where there is no mains power source.

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