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Raymarine HS-5 Network Switch (Raynet)

Raymarine HS-5 Network Switch (Raynet)


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Multistation networking - SeaTalkhs data is quickly distributed to other SeaTalkhs equipment using the HS5 switch. Information shared using the SeaTalkhs network includes shared cartography (between compatible displays) digital radar data and sonar data.

Multiple Switches - Systems with more than 5 SeaTalkhs devices require more than one network switch. Network switches can be connected together (\"daisy-chaining\") for this purpose. The network switch provides a dedicated high-speed (1000 Mbit/S) port for connecting switches together while still retaining full data bandwidth throughout the system. Each switch only has one high-speed port (port 5) so you can only connect up to 2 switches using the high-speed (1000 Mbit/S) connection. Any additional network switches must be connected together using a standard speed (100 Mbit/S) port.

Note: The maximum number of SeaTalkhs devices that can be connected in any single system is 25.

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