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Raymarine Ray73 VHF Radio with Internal GPS AIS receiver

Raymarine Ray73 VHF Radio with Internal GPS AIS receiver


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  • Built-in AIS Receiver and 72 channel WAAS GPS
  • 25W Loudhailer output with listen-back and automatic fog signals
  • Dual-station and intercom capable with optional handset Accessory
  • Oversized LCD display for better viewing
  • Detachable fist-mic with built-in controls and mic relocation capability
  • Detachable gunmetal silver bezel and optional black bezel

Premium all-in-one communications solution

The Ray73 starts with a powerful 25W VHF radio with a detachable noise-cancelling fist-mic and premium audio. Standard VHF features include hi/lo power selection dual-watch tri-watch NOAA Weather Alert channel scanning and more. Of course Ray70 supports Class D Digital Selective Calling and integrates seamlessly with Raymarine multifunction displays thanks to its standard NMEA2000 and NMEA0183 Networking.

Built-in GPS

Ray73 also features a built-in 72 channel GPS receiver ensuring you\'ll always have a position fix for emergency calls.

Built-in AIS

The Ray73’s integral Automatic Identification System (AIS) receiver simplifies installation and delivers critical vessel traffic information to compatible navigation displays.

Built-in Loudhailer

For communications on-deck and in noisy environments the Ray73 also has a built-in 25W loudhailer output with listen-back capability. This makes it simple to interact with crew on deck on the dock or with nearby vessels. Simply connect the Ray70 to Raymarine\'s optional weatherproof hailing horn. In inclement weather you can also use the Ray73\'s loudhailer to generate fog signals for vessels underway or at anchor as required by the nautical rules-of-the-road.

Flexible mounting options

The Ray73 includes a trunnion mounting bracket kit and can also be flush-mounted using its convenient front-mount attachment points. The gunmetal silver bezel matches Raymarine multifunction displays for a premium look. An optional black bezel kit is also available.

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