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Raymarine STNG Starter Kit (1xA06064 2xA06031 1xA06040 1xA06049)

Raymarine STNG Starter Kit (1xA06064 2xA06031 1xA06040 1xA06049)


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SeaTalk ng Starter Kit - The SeaTalk ng Starter Kit is the perfect way to get started with your SeaTalk ng compatible Raymarine product. The 5-way connector forms the start of your SeaTalk ng backbone and your SeaTalk ng product is connected via a Spur Cable.

What\'s in the kit?.

A06064: SeaTalk ng 5-way Connector.

A06031: SeaTalk ng Backbone Terminator (x2).

A06040: SeaTalk ng Spur Cable 3m.

A06049: SeaTalk ng Power Cable.

SeaTalk ng is a robust cabling and connection system compatible with NMEA 2000 built specifically for the marine environment comprising a powered single backbone with two terminators one at each end. Small diameter cable connectors are used throughout the system to make installation easier. There’s a wide range of cable lengths all with over-moulded plugs so there is no need to cut or splice cables. Spur cables connect individual SeaTalk ng products to the SeaTalk ng backbone.

Cables and connectors are colour-coded for easy system identification and have quick connect (push-fit twist-lock) waterproof (IPx6) plugs and sockets.

Whether you are looking to expand your current SeaTalk ng system update your electronics suite or completely refit it couldn’t be easier with SeaTalk ng.

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