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Raymarine TackTick Micro Compass T060

Raymarine TackTick Micro Compass T060


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  • Easy Installation - A typical installation can be done in just a few hours with your rig in place and your boat still in the water. And there\'s no need for holes in the bulkhead or wires down the mast.
  • Self-powering - Solar powered with integrated lithium batteries that power the unit for life. Power consumption is so efficient that units can run autonomously for up to 300 hours.
  • Lightweight - The elimination of wires in the mast not only reduces spar weight but also lowers the boat\'s centre of gravity giving significant and immediate performance advantage.
  • Portability - Using clip-in cradles your display can be placed anywhere on your boat allowing you to view the information where and when you need it.
  • Waterproof - Sealed for life and completely waterproof (submersible to 10m). This also means no condensation.
  • Raymarine Wireless for Racing - Receive and display precise data wirelessly from Hull and Wind transmitters including polar data true wind speed and angle VMG and compass heading.

The Raymarine Micro Compass T060 proved a huge advantage over competitors using glass ball compasses. To win races you must react to even small wind shifts. Readable precise and reliable heading information from you compass is critical. Digital compasses deliver this data right into your natural field of view where you need it how you need it when you need it. The Micro Compass\'s tactical scale gives you clear stable figures corresponding on port and starboard tack. The readings whilst tacking are always the same meaning you never have to remember numbers.

Data Displays:
Tactical scale
Race timer

Key features:
Absolutely no wires or connections to make
Simple to operate no button to push when racing
Totally waterproof submersible to 10M
Lightweight only 150g
Ultra wide viewing angles
Battery level indicator

The snap in cradle allows quick installation.

Product Specification:
Character Height: 20mm
Timer: 1s resolution 1 to 20 minutes
Heel and pitch angle: +/- 30 degrees
Countdown alarms: Audible tones indicate time to start
Mounting plane: Vertical Size: 100 x 70 x 60 mm
Calibration: Factory set
Battery charging: Solar power
Heading Resolution: 1 degree
Battery life 200 hrs automatic solar recharging
Weight 150g

What\'s in the box?

T060 Display
Mounting Cradle
Soft Pack Cover

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