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Scangrip Nova 4K - Mains Powered Work Light - 4 000 Lumen

Scangrip Nova 4K - Mains Powered Work Light - 4 000 Lumen


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  • Product Number: 03.5440UK
  • Product types: Floodlight
  • Illuminance: 6000Lux
  • Adjustable Light Output: 5 levels
  • Ingress protection: IP67
  • Net Weight: 2.38Kg
  • Length: 2353mm
  • Width: 88mm
  • Height: 233mm
  • Cable: 5m / 3x 1mm2 H05RN-F
  • Operating voltage: 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Max Power Consumption: 30W

Outstanding 4000 Lumen Floodlight

NOVA 4K is a universal all-round floodlight giving endless application possibilities in every working environment.

Featuring the latest and unique COB LED technology the NOVA 4K has been upgraded from 3000 lumen to 4000 lumen providing much more light with a uniform and completely even illumination. The light dimmer function makes it possible to adjust the light into five different levels.

Flexible LED floodlight with numerous applications

The sturdiness of the NOVA 4K makes it endure the rough wet and dirty environment and it can be used indoors and for outdoor work under all kinds of weather conditions.

The CRI value is close to that of daylight and the NOVA housing is made of a robust die casted aluminum resistant to strong strokes shocks and vibration – perfect for a working environment.

The design is elegant with an integrated carrying handle and a stand for direct mounting on the Scangrip tripod.

5 levels of Adjustable Light Output

  • 4000 lm @ 100%
  • 3000 lm @ 75%
  • 2000 lm @ 50%
  • 1000 lm @ 25%
  • 400 lm @ 10%
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