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Scanstrut Helm Pod Compact up to 9''displays

Scanstrut Helm Pod Compact up to 9''displays


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Concise and well designed the Scanstrut Scan pod Range offers maximum choice and versatility for installing all leading brands of instruments and screens. Manufactured for both sail and powerboat installations the range offers contemporary styling and a unique seal and fixing system to provide full instrument protection. Ensuring you get the very highest quality installation on the market choose the Scanstrut Scan pod and achieve the perfect viewing angle for your electronics every time.

With great new design features the Scanstrut Helm Pod is a perfect choice for all cockpit configurations.

For displays and standard instruments:.

Range fits 8\" - 15\" displays .

Can accommodate 3 or 4 standard instruments (e.g. ST60) .

Compact version also available.

Helm Pod.

Great design and neat features ensure the Scanstrut Helm Pod is the perfect choice for all cockpit configurations. Our unique ‘No-Drill’ clamping system provides a universal fit on any pedestal rail. A set of mounting saddles gives a secure watertight fixture at the rear of the Pod.

Universal Helm Fixing - Customised U-bolts fit around rail and through the saddles into the back of the Pod eliminating the need for time consuming and awkward drilling of the stainless rail.

Secure & Watertight Install - A saddle system supports the stainless tubing to allow a secure and rigid fit onto any pedestal and also ensures a watertight seal at cable entry.

No Drill Fixing Kit - Fit pedestal rails from 25mm to 33.7mm (0.98” - 1.33”). Using a unique clamping system the Pod can fit rail widths from 178mm (7”) upwards.

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