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Shakespeare Marine

Shakespeare 12/24VDC Active HDTV Antenna - 14"

Shakespeare 12/24VDC Active HDTV Antenna - 14"


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Its larger internal elements provide increased signal pulling power for better picture and sound. With their built-in high gain low noise preamps Anywhere by Shakespeare TV antennas deliver exceptional signal pulling power for a great picture and quality sound. So you’ll never miss out. Except for the mounting bracket and installation specific hardware all the essential items are included for an easy do-it-yourself installation. And when it comes to choosing your antenna mount check out Shakespeare’s extensive offerings.

In The Box

Antenna Unit; 12/24 VDC Power Supply; AC Wall Adapter; Euro AC Power Adapter; UK AC Power Adapter; 1 DC Power Cord; 25m RG-59 Coax with F Connectors; 1.5m RG-59 Coax with F Connectors; IEC-F Connector Adapter.

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