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Shakespeare Marine

Shakespeare Galaxy Inflatable Emergency VHF Antenna - 1.5m

Shakespeare Galaxy Inflatable Emergency VHF Antenna - 1.5m


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  • Full 3dB range
  • Factory Tuned
  • Inflatable
  • Canister Fired
  • Manual Valve
  • Contrasting Design
  • Hook-Look Straps
  • Bespoke Splice Connector

The GALAXY INFL8-5 by Shakespeare is the world’s first emergency antenna with the performance to earn the GALAXY name. It is an inflatable antenna that can be rapidly deployed via a CO2 cartridge or a manual tube and inflates to 5 ft (1.5m) to offer a full 3dB antenna with a range of up to three times greater than any existing helical emergency antenna. Thanks to its inflatable design the antenna can be deflated and stowed away safely in its easy-to-spot storage bag until it is needed again.

The antenna can be mounted with its hook and loop straps allowing for quick and easy installation in any weather to stanchions outriggers or other vertical structures on board. The antenna also features grommets on the top and bottom to facilitate hanging and securing to spreaders masts hard tops and other structures even in case the inflatable bladder becomes damaged.

The connectors included in the package allow for versatile connection options. The pre-soldered PL-259 connector allows connection to a Fixed VHF directly or a handheld via the included SMA Adaptor. The package also includes a solder-free female UHF connector that allows the antenna to be spliced into existing coax cables on the boat.


  • Extra distance
  • No manual assembly
  • Easily Stowable
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Re usable
  • Day/Night Visibility
  • Fast/Simple Mounting
  • Simple Connection to radio cable
  • 3dB inflatable antenna supplied with 6m cable PL259 and splice connector.


Not for use as a personal flotation device.
Not for use as a visual distress signal.
Not suitable for submersible/ man overboard applications.

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