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Snowbee Classic Neoprene Studded Felt Sole Chest Waders - 9FB

Snowbee Classic Neoprene Studded Felt Sole Chest Waders - 9FB


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All the features of the cleated sole model but in a new full felt-sole fitted with sharp hardened alloy studs for the ultimate grip on slippery rocks.

Manufactured from a quality 4mm double lined SCR (Styrene Chloroprene Rubber) grade composite Neoprene for flexibility and wearer comfort these waders still offer ‘Snowbee Quality’ but at down to earth prices. Since their introduction the Classic Neoprene Waders have proved to be the most reliable neoprene waders we have ever made with returns of less than 0.5%! All Bootfoot models feature a new wide fitting PVC Boot with full Neoprene Lining for additional warmth. The double layer neoprene kneepads use a unique screen printed PU pattern to offer additional protection from punctures when kneeling.

Chest model converts to a Waist Wader with ‘Roll-down’ facility. Opposing clips on the braces allow the waders to be rolled-down to waist level and the braces clipped together to form a belt.

Fuller Body (FB)

Approx 15% larger in body than the standard size - An incredibly tough durable and hard wearing Wader. They will deflect thorns and gorse like no other material and if you want a pair of waders that is going to last… then you’ve found them!

Sizes Available

  • UK5 - UK14
  • UK8 - UK12FB (Fuller Body)
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