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Snowbee Sling Bag

Snowbee Sling Bag


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  • Size: 42 x 24 x 18cms
  • Capacity: 18 litres
  • 2 zipped pockets
  • One diagonal shoulder strap and a side strap that clips to it
  • Mesh pockets one on the base with a drawstring for water bottles
  • Padded shoulder strap with D-rings and a forceps pocket
  • Discreet Olive Green with Black / Grey trim

The Snowbee Slingbag sits comfortably on the back supported by just one diagonal shoulder strap which sits over right shoulder works for both left or right handed anglers (retaining clip under right arm). The beauty of this arrangement is not only does it leave the \'casting arm\' completely unrestricted but unlike a rucksack when you want to access the bag you don\'t have to take it off. Simply unclip the side strap and slide the bag around to the front - the pockets are cleverly designed to now be facing upwards for easy and convenient access. Features one large main compartment for lure or fly boxes lunchbox and waterproofs. A top pocket for a camera front zipped box pocket and numerous mesh zip pockets for accessories plus a water bottle pocket on the base. D-rings for fishing accessories and a forceps pocket on the front of the shoulder strap.

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