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Snowbee XS-Plus Countdown 2 Lines - WF8

Snowbee XS-Plus Countdown 2 Lines - WF8


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Snowbee XS-Plus Nano Countdown 2 Slow Sink-Tip Fly Line - 7ft. In a pastel shade of primrose this is the slowest sinking option in the series. With a 7ft clear tip and super slick XS-Plus Nano coated and low stretch monofilament core the line is well equipped for extreme casting and maximum sensitivity just beneath the surface even at range.

All feature 50ft heads and 120ft in total length with the pastel shades and clear tip in all cases to minimise spooking of any fish. The two tip length options and two sink densities of the range provide a diverse option for perfect control using this increasingly popular modern fishing style.

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