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Snowbee XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line - WF5

Snowbee XS Sub-Surface Intermediate Fly Line - WF5


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  • Colour: Aqua
  • Sink Rate: 2.5 ips
  • Line Weight: WF5

Combining the original Kelly Blue and Clear Intermediate into one fly line has produced a fly line of effortless slick casting ability being exactly the same as the traditional XS floating in profile. Distance and prestentation are therefore guaranteed at a sink rate ideal to reliably search the water from the surface down epecially with lures damsels and other mobile patterns. A hugely versatile line great for loch style fishing from the boat or accurately expoloring all holding spots from the bank without the need for a massive clear back-cast when space is tight. Great in the wind too in a neutral Aqua shade to hunt beneath the surface and find fish cruising or holding lower down but not necessarily on the bottom.

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