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Veratron LinkUP Intelligent Battery Sensor 24V Kit with B00072101

Veratron LinkUP Intelligent Battery Sensor 24V Kit with B00072101


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  • NMEA 2000 certified
  • Wireless configuration through companion mobile App
  • Status LED
  • Plug-and-Play installation and configuration
  • Input Signal - LIN bus
  • Nominal Voltage - 24V

Batteries are essential for engine starting and operating onboard utilities. With Veratron’s Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) it’s simple to monitor their status and health in real-time. The system works with any OceanLink AcquaLink or NMEA 2000 networked display and is compatible with the latest glass cockpit systems.

The system includes a Veratron LinkUp Gateway Module that enables the Intelligent Battery Sensor to be connected to and compatible with the NMEA 2000 network. Its internal galvanic isolation decouples the backbone power from the LinkUp power supply per NMEA requirement.

Veratron’s Intelligent Battery Sensor (IBS) measures vital battery parameters: voltage current and temperature as well as state of charge health and function. This provides the essential information needed to plan energy usage aboard and be aware of potential problems.

The IBS system monitors a single battery or full bank. Multiple LinkUp kits can be used to provide data specific to house starter and system-specific supplies. It works with 24V starter gel or AGM battery types.

The IBS simply clamps onto the negative pole terminal. Completely sealed it has a watertight 3A inline fuse within the housing. This connects to the NMEA 2000 backbone through the innovative LinkUp Gateway Module and enables Veratron’s numerous sensors to communicate with the network.

Configuring a LinkUp gateway is simple using a mobile device and the companion Veratron app available from the App Store and Google Play. Each module has a built-in passive wireless antenna. The parameters of the sensor are configured to type instance and warning threshold on the mobile device and then tapped against the LinkUp device for instant data download.

Alternatively LinkUp devices can be configured via NMEA 2000 with the PC Configuration Tool. This method additionally allows for real-time reading of the analog signal. An LED on the device will illuminate notifying the user that the LinkUp is being configured.

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